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  Novels by Wayne Saber

In 1940 London, the parents of a 12-year-old boy are killed when their house is destroyed during the Blitz. The boy seeks shelter in a London Underground tunnel and discovers a hidden ancient tunnel, where he is almost trapped. When he emerges from the tunnel, everything looks different and he learns that it is 65 years later than when he entered the tunnel, yet he is still 12 years old. He has no parents, no friends and nowhere to go. He has to adjust to the modern world without being able to tell anyone where he comes from. The police think he‘s a runaway and he’s put in a boarding school with uncaring staff and an oversized bully. He manages to travel to Scotland, France and Germany looking for answers. He keeps thinking about the tunnel and whether it could take him back to the world he once knew.

In 1573 Edward is digging graves for Black Death victims when he unknowingly enters an unstable wormhole created by scientists in London in the year 2050. But in Edward's world the queen in 1573 is Jane and not Elizabeth. One scientist, Laura Rebas, understands that Edward has not travelled in time from the past, but has travelled from a parallel universe in which the present is similar to but not identical to our past. Zebra, who monitors wormhole creation from a universe in which people have learned to perceive and move about in a fourth spatial dimension, has observed Edward's travel between parallel universes. He tells Edward that the creators of the wormhole do not understand the dangers that it poses and that the wormhole that he traveled through must be destroyed.